Redeemer seeks to mobilize volunteers and in some cases provide financial support to the following organizations. Inclusion on this list does not equal our full endorsement of the philosophy and practice of each organization. However, these have garnered trust through their competence and experience.


Burlington Emergency Shelter

The Burlington Emergency Shelter provides temporary and emergency housing for homeless individuals residing in Burlington, VT.  We house 28 men and women, 8 of which are part of our Good Neighbor Program, a faith-based transitional housing program for those coming out of incarceration or substance abuse.  As a Christian shelter, BES is committed to not merely provide housing and food but to work towards helping individuals fully leave homelessness behind.  We do so by providing programs that bring healing, restoration, and growth.  These programs include the Restoration Arts Program, a bike mechanic workshop, sewing classes, resume building workshops, and more.

Volunteer Opportunities

Evening Volunteer: Evening volunteers oversee the shelter from 7-10 each night.  Duties include gathering guests for dinner, handing out meds, attending to guest needs, and bringing community and relationship to the guests at the shelter.  Volunteers commit to one night a week.Meal Provider: Through the help of local individuals, school groups, churches, and restaurants, we provide a meal for our guests every night of the year.  We ask that meal providers prepare a meal for 25-30 people and bring it by the shelter by 7 pm as our dinnertime is at 7:30.  We welcome and encourage you to join our guests for dinner.  We feel that this is a great opportunity for building relationships with the local community.

Restoration Arts Program: We seek to provide healing, restoration, empowerment, community, relationship, and a place to share story through weekly art classes.  Through the help of the local community and University students, we are able to bring art to the guests at the shelter every Wednesday night from 5-6:30.  We hope that in making art, we will not only impact the guests at the shelter but also provide the community with a different view of homelessness, one that is filled with heartbreak but also recovery and growth.  If interested in donating or joining our team of volunteers, please contact Rachel Styers at

Restoration Programs: We currently have several programs for our guests at the shelter including the arts program, a bike mechanic workshop, and a sewing class.  We welcome volunteers and encourage new program ideas!

Fundraising: As we do not accept government funds, we are dependent on the local community to provide the services that we do for Burlington’s homeless.  We encourage the community to not only donate funds to our shelter but to also engage friends and family in fundraising events.  Some past events have included a car wash, yard sale, and benefit night.

Please contact Valerie Brosseau at  if interested in participating in any of these volunteer opportunities.

Committee on Temporary Shelter (COTS)

COTS provides temporary and emergency housing to homeless families and individuals in Burlington, VT.  COTS is committed to providing services for Burlington’s homeless in order to bring recovery and growth to those suffering from poverty and help stop the rise of homelessness in Burlington.  There are a number of volunteer opportunities at COTS including childcare, book buddies, the lunch program, and more.

Please see our website at for more information.

Spectrum Youth and Family Services

Spectrum provides a continuum of services ranging from counseling to mentoring to residential living programs. Our work with each client is tailored to the needs of the individual. We offer:

– Counseling
– Drop-In Center
– Health Clinic
– Jump On Board for Success (JOBS)
– Mentoring
– Street Outreach
– Residential Programs
– Violence Intervention and Prevention Program
– Youth & Family Wellness Project
– Youth Development Program
– Youth in Transition (YIT)

How does Spectrum help?

We work one-on-one with each young person (ages 14-21) that walks through our doors. Our philosophy is never to give up; we are their advocates, and we give youth first chances, second chances, and third chances.


Hunger Free Vermont

Hunger Free Vermont, formerly the Vermont Campaign to End Childhood Hunger, is an education and advocacy organization with the mission to end the injustice of hunger and malnutrition for all Vermonters. Incorporated in 1993, we are a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to providing nutrition education and expanding access to nutrition programs that nourish Vermont’s children, families, and communities.


Redeemer has developed strong relationships with several refugee families among the African and Nepalese communities in Burlington. We visit one Nepalese family each week on Thursday afternoons at 2pm. We are currently teaching a citizenship class during this time, so come join us and learn more about what is required to become a citizen. Contact Joseph at to join the small group for a visit. We have also put on ESL classes, craft classes for children, taught driving lessons, and provided rides. If you are interested in helping teach one-on-one ESL (English as a Second Language), tutoring, or any of the above listed activities, please contact us at