In the summer of 2011, a small group of four families began meeting at the Pensaks’ home to pray for their neighborhoods, study the Scriptures and seek God together. Out of these prayers and conversations grew a little community, still tottering and calling out for direction and strength, asking that God’s heart of hospitality, generosity and love for the stranger would become theirs. Many gifts were poured out on this little band–a space to house an office, a small art gallery and lots of tables to set up for potluck dinners, right on Church Street in downtown Burlington. As more joined in, the church gained a name–Redeemer Burlington–and started meeting downtown once a month for Bible study, singing and more prayer. In October 2012, this little community named Redeemer began weekly Sunday services at yet another gifted space–the Dormition Orthodox Church on South Willard Street, right where the Hill Section meets the South End of Burlington. Redeemer’s hope is the great hope of the gospel, that God is more generous, more hospitable, more loving to the sinner and the stranger than anyone could ever bear imagining, and that this hope should give us great joy in living as we lay down what was never ours to begin with–our very lives for the sake of our neighbors.

Redeemer Burlington is a work of the Northern New England Presbytery (PCA) and falls under its oversight. If you are interested in learning more about Redeemer, please email us at A prospectus and 5-year budget are available upon request.