The only sensible reaction to the grace God has shown us in the gospel is worship. Worship is a response of praise to something or someone we deem worthy of it. Everyone worships something–family, career, a relationship–but worshipping something other than God leaves us unsatisfied, confused, and the object of our worship crushed, as it cannot bear the weight we’ve placed on it. And so God calls us to worship Him not because He needs it or is insecure without it, but because it is where our greatest happiness lies. God alone can bear the weight of our greatest hopes, fears and desires, and as our lives find their center in Him, the other areas of our lives find their proper place and are freed up to flourish. We find our purpose and significance as we find our place in God’s story, which is told every week in songs, prayers, Scripture readings and the sacraments.

Each week members of our congregation help lead us in worship, from helping beforehand with set up to using their musical gifts in the service itself. If you are interested in serving the church in its weekly worship, please contact either Joseph Pensak ( or our director of Worship Arts, Taylor Smith (